County Development Plan

What is the development plan?
The development plan is the main public statement of planning policies for the local community and is a blueprint for the future development of the county. It affects many facets of daily economic and social life - setting out a vision of how the county will grow in a proper, planned and sustainable manner over the next six years. It sets out, among other things, the land use, amenity and development objectives of the planning authority for a 6 year period.

What does the County Development Plan cover?
Everything from population growth and projected amount of land needed to house that population growth, to employment and economic development, parks and playgrounds, transport, water & wastewater infrastructure, tourism, natural resources, community development, telecommunications, culture, environment, rights of way and a retail strategy. Almost everything of note that happens in the county is covered by the County Development Plan.

How does the plan affect me?
If you live in Kerry or visit the county, the County Development Plan impacts on you. Where you live or where you or your family hope to live into the future. How you travel to work or school, the amenities available in your community, whether libraries, beaches, parks, playgrounds or walking trails. The quality of the environment surrounding you, the development of towns and villages around the county, promotion of industry and employment, protection and promotion of our culture and where you go to shop.

Who makes the plan?
The making, reviewing and varying of the plan is a function reserved for the elected members (i.e. councilors) of the planning authority. It is their duty to adopt the plan with the technical help of their officials (the Manager, Planners, Engineers etc.), and following extensive public consultation.

How is the plan made? - Summary of plan making process
The planning authority officials prepare a draft plan, based on a detailed survey and analysis of the area and on submissions from the public and from public and local bodies. Following approval of this by the councillors (by majority vote) it is put on public display for at least 10 weeks. Any person may comment on this draft. All comments are taken into consideration by the councillors, who may change the draft plan based on the Manager’s report or their own views. If the draft is materially altered (i.e. significantly changed), the amendments go on further public display for at least 4 weeks, during which time fresh public comment may be made on these changes. Following consideration of any new comments, the plan is formally adopted by the councillors and becomes the official development plan for the area.

Does the plan affect planning applications? 
All planning applications are measured against the development plan to assess their conformity with the plan’s objectives and development permitted must normally be in accordance with the plan.

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