Dear Constituent,
It has been an exceptionally busy year and the General Election last February certainly contributed to much of that. Again may I thank all of you who were so supportive and did so much during that campaign and indeed for voting for myself and my colleague Deputy John Brassil. While we did not secure two seats on this occasion we will work even harder to do so at the next election. To that end I have taken a career break from my teaching job in order to work full time as a public representative. There remains a lot to be done to ensure the future of our community. I have here in this newsletter outlined some of the areas on which I and my colleagues are working.
May I take this opportunity to wish every one of you a happy and peaceful Christmas. I would also like to encourage you to shop locally and support our local economy as you go about your shopping for the festive season. It is important to note that every €10 spent locally on Irish products generates €24 of benefit to the local community according to ISME (Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association). It is essential that we realise the impact of that fact and the effect it can have on our local shops and businesses.

Is Mise le meás
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